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 News.bytesNews.bytes Extra, issue 456 

Fall color in northeastern California

bright orange foliage on bushes in a black rock-lined gully

Northeast California's high, cold desert has a unique beauty.  These public lands are  rugged, remote and undeveloped.  Volcanic outcrops and lava flows provide compelling texture to the vastness. For most of the year, however, the region isn't particularly colorful, dominated by the muted green of sage and the flat gray of rocky canyons and mountains.

Those venturing into the back country in fall find a new vividness to this landscape.  Splashes of brilliant color can be found along creeks and in the aspen stands at higher elevations.  They stand in vibrant contrast to the surrounding lands.

These photos were taken November 3, 2010 along Smoke Creek, on public lands managed by the BLM's Eagle Lake Field office.

Photos:  Karl Todd, fire mitigation and education specialist with BLM's Eagle Lake Field Office

Bright orange and yellow foliage in bushes among black rock, alongside a road
A lone bright yellow tree sticks up among fading orange bushes, with black hills behind
About half of a small group of trees' orange yellow foliage hangs on, among half a dozen bright orange bushes.  Rising black hills behind frame them dramatically
Orange, yellow and green foliage on bushes lining a gully through black hills dotted with gray-green low shrubbery

BLM-California News.bytes, issue 456

Last updated: 11-10-2010