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BLM California Desert District marks Hispanic Heritage Month

The BLM's California Desert District office recognized Hispanic Heritage Month with a potluck and diversity training hosted by CDD Public Room students Stacy Allen and Elizabeth Traub. Participants brought Hispanic-themed food, from enchiladas to Guatemalan corn cake, and viewed a slideshow depicting influential Hispanic Americans. (text continues below)

Colorful banner says "Bienvenidos"

Associate District Manager Jack Hamby spoke on the concept of diversity and its importance in the workplace. “I believe this is the most diverse group of people I have ever worked with,” Hamby said.

Highlight of the event was a fun game of Loteria! -- a traditional Hispanic game similar to American Bingo -- which brought additional Hispanic culture into the event.

Colorful dishes of food laid out on a table

A standing man speaks
Jack Hamby, CDD Associate District Manager, spoke on diversity in the workplace during the CDD Hispanic Heritage Month lunch.

- Stacy Allen, BLM California Desert District public room, 10/19/10

BLM-California News.bytes, issue 453

Last updated: 10-20-2010