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RAC members discuss Central California issues, tour public lands

Issues from the Alabama Hills in the Eastern Sierras to the Cievo Hills west of Interstate 5 were on the agenda when BLM’s Central California Resource Advisory Council met Sept. 17-18 in Coalinga.

RAC members voted to support designation of the Alabama Hills as a National Scenic Area, as presented by the Alabama Hills Stewardship Group Designation Subcommittee, at the Sept. 17 meeting. (text continues below)

A scattered line of people work their way up a dusty hillside
The advisory group's tour included a hill climb to see a bed of large oyster shell fossils.

Members discussed a wide range of issues for the four field offices – Hollister, Bakersfield, Bishop and Mother Lode – that the RAC advises.

On Sept. 18, RAC members toured lands managed by BLM in the Cievo Hills area, saw beds of oyster shell fossils and discussed cooperative efforts by BLM and ranchers with local livestock producers.

The next meeting will be hosted by the Mother Lode Field Office next spring in the Nevada City area, with exact dates to be determined.

Men in cowboy hats and sunglasses stand near a pickup truck
Ranchers Phillip Martin, right, and Craig Fenster talked about cooperative efforts with BLM on grazing during the tour.

A group listens to a man, as they all stand on a hill overlooking a valley and rolling hills in the background
Mike Westphal, ecologist in the BLM Hollister Field Office, discussed research on kit foxes and other species in the area.

- David Christy, BLM Central California District, Oct. 2010

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