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River cleanup in Susanville area

Susanville-area residents, including BLM employees joined the statewide Great Sierra River Cleanup on Saturday, Sept. 25, pulling together to remove nearly a ton of trash from the Susan River and a tributary, Paiute Creek.  Debris ranged from soda cups and wrappers to shopping carts and a tractor tire.

A man uses a pole to pull trash from the water, as a woman writes on a sheet of paper
Dennis Benson, associate field manager for the BLM Eagle Lake Field Office, plucks trash from a pool in the river as Julie Benson records the find.

A woman standing on a low dam, puts trash in a burlap sack
Valda Lockie, a BLM range technician, removes trash from the face of an irrigation diversion dam near the BLM field office.

A man in a cap lugs a large white plastic bag of trash, as others in the background also clean up
Rick Noggles, foreground, works with 4-H members and other parents along the Susan River corridor near the BLM field office.

The second annual Great Sierra River Cleanup is coordinated by the Sierra Nevada Conservancy.  This year, an estimated 4,500 volunteers collected approximately 150 tons of trash, appliances, car parts and other debris at 125 sites including every Sierra watershed. 

In Susanville, the event was hosted and organized by the Lassen Land and Trails Trust, a nonprofit organization that focuses on open space conservation.  The LLTT is a long-standing BLM partner.

- Jeff Fontana, BLM Northern California District, 9/27/10

BLM-California News.bytes, issue 450

Last updated: 09-28-2010