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The King Celebrates 40 years!

On a foggy Sunday afternoon in Shelter Cove, more than 200 King Range fans celebrated the 40th Anniversary of the King Range National Conservation Area. 

Festivities began with BLM Arcata Field Manager Lynda Roush being upstaged by David Simpson, an actor and early leader in the effort to restore salmon habitat in the Mattole watershed.  “Dead Smellin’ Dave” gave King Range fans a history lesson with his biting satire. (text continues below)

A man in extremely long white hair and beard (both fake) and old settlers' clothes speaks into a microphone

BLM Acting State Director Jim Abbott and BLM Director Bob Abbey then spoke, both of them honoring the future stewards of the King Range. 

A man speaks at a podium, in foggy coastal weather
Said Abbey, “When I look at these wonderful young people here today, I am confident that the King Range, the crown jewel of the BLM and the National Landscape Conservation System, will continue to be taken care of and treasured.”

Students wear animal masks as adults watch them perform
Rachel Sowards-Thompson, Interpretive Specialist for the King Range, and Moss of the Mattole Restoration Council introduced Whitethorn School, Lost Coast Life Lab 4th, 5th and 6th graders.  Students wore masks they created and presented poems they wrote to describe their masks.  Each mask represented different components of the watershed the students studied in their after-school environmental science class.

A man speaks at a podium as a woman stands nearby
Ray and Marie Raphael

Ray and Marie Raphael received a standing ovation from the crowd after they both spoke on Sunday.  Ray and Marie founded Nick’s Interns in memory of their son, who worked with the BLM King Range National Conservation Area trail crew and local conservation organizations throughout his high school and college years. This unique program provides work opportunities for high school students, freshmen to graduates. Interns work on a range of restoration projects such as stream repair, invasive species removal, trail building, sediment and fuel hazard reduction, salmon habitat enhancement and more.

Nine or so members of a band perform on a stage
Lost Coast Marimbas added their rhythmic ensemble to the celebration while attendees enjoyed a tri-tip lunch offered as a fundraiser for Garberville Rotary. 

Children gather around an activities table while another takes a look from his bicycle
Children who visited the kids' table made crowns, nature journals and painted animal tracks.  Some adults couldn’t resist the fun of the kids' table and made jeweled crowns for themselves as well.

Gary Pritchard-Peterson, King Range Manager introduced a few of the many important partners that make the King Range what it is today.  Leaders of the California Wilderness Coalition, The Mattole River and Range Partnership, Lost Coast Interpretive Association, International Mountain Biking Association and the California Conservation Corps spoke of their experiences and accomplishments working in the King Range NCA.

One man speaks at a microphone while a woman and two men wait their turns
Partners adress the crowd.

Music continued with ShinBone and many enjoyed local beverages and desserts with proceeds benefiting King Range Partners.

A woman and a man wear paper gold crowns with plastic jewels
BLM Arcata Field Office Manager Lynda Roush and King Range Manager Gary Pritchard-Peterson wear paper crowns.

- Leisyka Parrott, BLM-California Arcata Field Office, 9/14/10

BLM-California News.bytes, issue 448

Last updated: 09-15-2010