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First day of the Twin Peaks Roundup 

The first day of Twin Peaks Wild Horse and Burro Roundup went well, as 119 horses, (45 studs, 52 mares, and 22 foals) were all safely gathered and brought into a temporary holding facility. The horses stayed overnight in temporary holding facilities before all of them were transported to BLM's Litchfield Wild Horse and Burro Facility to be readied for adoption -- with vaccinations, deworming, blood tests and freeze branding, all under a veterinarian's oversight.

A helicopter follows a group of wild horses in a scrub desert below rocky cliffs

The BLM Eagle Lake Field Office's decision to conduct the roundup under an incident command process (similar to what is done during wildfires), is proving very effective, as everyone carries out their assigned tasks in a highly-coordinated manner.   The contractor is also operating smoothly, moving the horses safely.  Everyone's efforts are supporting the BLM objectives of safety first for our visitors, employees, contractors and horses and burros; humane treatment of the horses and burros, public accessibility to as much of the gather area as safety allows; and publicly sharing information from the gather.

Nearly all of the animals are in very good condition.  A small number of public observers as well as a media representative from the Sacramento Bee were able to observe the entire operation from a very good vantage point.


Follow the Twin Peaks Roundup on BLM California's Facebook page and Twitter feed. See photos from the roundup -- such as these from the first day -- on Flickr.

Two horses range across an area of dried grasses 
Horses range across an area with scrub plants
A helicopter hovers behind a group of horses in an area filled with browned grasses and scrub brush


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Last updated: 08-12-2010