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Career Technical Education Summer Program

This summer the BLM Barstow Field Office Desert Discovery Center Partnership hosted their 2nd annual Career Technical Education (CTE) Summer Camp Program.  Barstow Community College (BCC) received $1.9 million dollars in funding to develop a program of study that involves a multiyear sequence of courses that integrates core academic knowledge with technical and occupational knowledge to provide students with a pathway to postsecondary education and careers.  The CTE Summer Camp was one aspect of this program designed to target middle school students and expose them to a variety of career paths early on. (text continues below)

Students gather around and site in a dune buggy
Students were hoping for a ride on the BLM rescue buggy.

The summer camp ran for 4 weeks and consisted of 3 modules -- Robotics, Film Production, and Natural Resource Management.  The BLM Barstow Field Office partnered with the Mojave National Preserve for the Natural Resource Management module.  Together they hosted 15 students each week for three weeks, from Monday to Thursday beginning June 28, 2010.  A new set of students started each week, for a total of 45 students.  The BLM hosted the students for two days each week and the Park Service for the other two days.  The 4th week consisted of field trips and an award ceremony.

Students arriving at the BLM were led on a tour of the office.  As the group stopped at each cubicle, BLM staff took time to introduce themselves, give a short description of their job and share with the students what they enjoy most about their job.  The tour ended in the conference room where they were briefed on the history of the BLM.  They were then dispatched in teams on a career scavenger hunt. 

BLM Barstow Field Office hosts 2nd annual CTE summer camp program.

A boy sits in a chair and interviews a man sitting in an office
Student interviews BLM Information Specialist, Frank Volasgis.

Their goal was to find the staff member that matched their career card, interview them with a series of questions, and meet back in the conference room ready to give an oral presentation on that career. 

One student speaks as another looks at his notes
Students give oral presentation based on the staff member they interviewed.

On day two with the BLM, senior planner Brad Mastin and GIS specialist Shelly Jackson spent the morning explaining Visual Resource Management (VRM) and taught the students how to use a GPS unit.  Students were given instructions on how to collect points, lines and areas.  Then they were then released to explore the outdoors and collect their data. 

A boy looking closely at a portable GPS unit, it helped by a woman standing beside him
Shelly Jackson, GIS specialist teaches CTE students how to use the GPS unit.

While Shelly downloaded their data, Brad explained VRM, a system which involves inventorying scenic values; establishing management objectives for those values through the resource management planning process; and then evaluating proposed activities to determine whether they conform with management objectives.

A man draws a diagram on a whiteboard
Brad Mastin, BLM senior planner, explains Visual Resource Management during the CTE summer camp program.

During the final week of the CTE summer camp, students were treated to a field trip to the Kelso Depot in the Mojave Preserve where BLM staff hosted a barbecue. 

Students pose for a group photo in from of a building with the sign, "Kelso"
Students took a field trip to Kelso Depot located in the Mojave National Preserve.

Youngsters in orange T-shirts line up for food items
BLM serves up a barbecue lunch for the CTE summer camp students.

"The CTE Summer Camp Program was a great venue to introduce youth to a wide array of natural resource management career paths and we look forward to future joint endeavors through the DDC partnership," said Rose Beardshear of BLM's Barstow Field Office.

- Rose Beardshear, BLM California Barstow Field Office, 8/3/10

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Last updated: 08-09-2010