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BLM Advisory Council members tour wind energy project

Members of the BLM's Northwest California Resource Advisory Council toured the Hatchet Ridge Wind Energy Project when they met July 15 and 16 in Redding.

While the project west of Burney is not on BLM-managed public land, RAC members were interested in seeing a project under development as they prepare to advise BLM on wind energy proposals in northwest California. The tour provided good information on the magnitude of a wind power project and the phases involved in construction.(text continues below.)

A man in an orange vest points out something to a group of people. In the distance are several tall wind power turbines. 
RAC members hear a presentation from Construction Manager Mike Nevenzel.  A line of completed 2.5 megawatt wind turbines stretches into the distance.

Several wind power turbines dwarve a passing vehicle
Developers of the Hatchet Ridge project  hope to be operational, generating about 100 megawatts, by fall.

A man in a red and silver striped hard hat stands looking at cranes lifting immense tubes that will form the base of wind power turbines
RAC Chairman Michael Kelley looks over a turbine construction site

A man puts his hand on a large white metal object lying on the ground. It is wider than he is tall, and stretches off behind him, where it tapers to a point
RAC member Rondal Snodgrass poses next to a single enormous wind turbine blade.

- Jeff Fontana, BLM California Northern District, 7/20/10  
Photos by Jeff Fontana and Dave Christy, BLM Central California District

BLM California News.bytes, issue 441

Last updated: 07-21-2010