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 Eastern Sierra youth work with the BLM on summer public lands projects

The Eastern Sierra Youth Conservation Corps has again teamed with the BLM's Bishop Field Office, working on several summer projects across the Eastern Sierra and the Owens Valley. (text continues below)

Students dig in the dry dirt of the high desert
The YCC youth fill in potholes along the road at Horton Creek Campground.

This is the third summer for the program, kicking off with four community projects ranging from Independence to Darwin. The partnership between Inyo Mono Advocates for Community Action (IMACA) and the Bureau of Land Management began in the summer of 2008.

Several work projects this year will include stabilizing historical sites, fencing off of Highway 120, upgrading campgrounds, picking up trash and working on trails and roads in the Fish Slough and Chalk Bluff areas.

“This has been a successful program," said BLM Park Ranger Becky Hutto.  "The BLM will help give our local youth a direction in possible future outdoor resource management, range conservation and park ranger experience, along with insights into several other career opportunities."

Offered through the Community Services Department of IMACA, the ESYCC provides youth with job skill training, a sense of community responsibility, and leadership skills. Another a primary goal of the program is to assist participants in developing a positive work ethic.

For some of the youth, this will be their first paid work experience.

Organizations interested in sponsoring ESYCC projects for the 2011 summer season may contact Jane McDonald at IMACA at (760) 873-5887 ext. 22 or Becky Hutto at the BLM Bishop Field Office (760) 872-5008.

Students shovel excess gravel into a wheelbarrow
Moving gravel at the campground.

Students pose with behind rolls of wire fencing 
Students pose for a group portrait, behind fencing they removed from the Bodie Hills. From left: Jeff Starosta (BLM range specialist), ESYCC youth Chase Lefebure, Joseph Terrasas, Tyler Stevens, Hilary Dufort, Michael Costello, Edward Klemencic, Andreas Sanchez and crew leader Lindsay Moss.

 - Becky Hutto, BLM Bishop Field Office, July 2010

BLM-California News.bytes, issue 440

Last updated: 07-14-2010