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 Students learn about the BLM at Bakersfield Field Office

The BLM's Bakersfield Field Office recently welcomed three college students as part of Secretary of the Interior Ken Salazar’s Youth Incentive program.  The program is meant to engage, educate and employ youth.  The Bakersfield Field Office will put the students through a variety of training and other experiences over a period of eight weeks.  Each student will take courses and complete the necessary steps to become qualified as a wildland firefighter.  Each will also spend time working with different departments in the office -- resources staff, law enforcement, and the fire program -- to gain hands-on, positive work experiences. (continued below)

 Three young men pose around a BLM Bakersfield Field Office sign
From left to right: Saul Perez, Akadius Ashby, and Nico Herron

The students:

Saul Perez is originally from Lamont, California and is currently attending Bakersfield College.  Saul plans on graduating with a degree in fire technology and wildland fire technology in December of this year.  In the spring of 2011 he plans on attending the structural fire academy at Bakersfield College.  He is also taking classes to become an emergency medical technician (EMT).  Saul found out about the youth initiative program this past spring.  “I applied for the program because I wanted to learn about wildland fire and explore the differences between structure and wildland firefighting.” Saul explained.

Akadius Ashby is a senior currently attending California State University-Fresno.  Akadius is studying philosophy and plans on graduating in the spring of 2011. “I want the hands-on experience," he said. "I can’t gain this firsthand knowledge from just anywhere.  That’s why I applied for the youth initiative program." He is originally from Bakersfield.  Akadius is really looking forward to his the experiences with the BLM resource staff and learning about wildland firefighting.

Nico Herron found out about the program while attending school at California State University-Fresno.  He is currently a senior studying criminology and plays football for the Fresno Bulldogs.  Nico plans to graduate with his degree in the spring of 2011.  When asked why he applied for the program, Nico said, “I thought it would be a great opportunity for hands on experience.  I am interested in what the federal government has to offer for careers.” Although he is currently studying criminology, Nico hopes that his time with the BLM will show him other possible career paths.

- Michelle Puckett, BLM-California Bakersfield Field Office, July 2010

BLM-California News.bytes, issue 440

Last updated: 07-14-2010