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Bakersfield Field Office personnel learn emergency medicine

Field personnel from the BLM Bakersfield Field Office learned the knowledge and skills of emergency medicine (EMS) to prepare themselves for the non-traditional challenges now faced on the job.  Students included nine Field Office Fire Engineers and Captains, two Regional Hot Shot crew members, and one Law Enforcement Ranger.  Fire Apparatus Engineer / Paramedic Brian Puckett developed and instructed the nationally and state accredited Emergency Medical Technician (EMT) course in house at the Bakersfield Field Office. (text continues below)

Two men tend to a mock victim in a head bandage and neck collar, on a stretcher on the ground
Bakersfield Field Office EMT students take part in an outdoor trauma scenario

This course is the first of its kind to the BLM.  The Bakersfield Field Office Fire Program is piloting a program for not only establishing and continuing EMS education, but for establishing operational protocols and agreements for a Fire based EMS response.

Fighting wildland fires was the traditional challenge faced by BLM firefighters.  Nontraditional  challenges include structure fires, medical, and technical rescues. Participants in the class had to complete the 136-hour-long course in advanced emergency medical topics including human anatomy and physiology, trauma, environmental medicine and cardiology.  With support from the El Centro Field Office and the Kern County and Bakersfield City Fire Departments, the students will complete required field clinical experience while riding along with host department Paramedics.  This extensive training and field clinical experience will provide the students all necessary knowledge and skills to be an effective and competent EMT anywhere from the streets of Bakersfield to the sand dunes of El Centro.

Classroom participants operate equipment on a CPR mannequin
Bakersfield Field Office EMT students take part in a medical cardiac arrest scenario

A man shows a classroom of students a slide with information
Fire Apparatus Engineer / Paramedic Brian Puckett instructs the Advanced Cardiology Lecture

- Michelle Puckett, BLM Bakersfield Field Office, 6/2/10

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Last updated: 06-22-2010