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Fun Fest brings together BLM firefighters, special-needs kids

BLM firefighters from the Bakersfield Field Office spent a day with about 250 children with special needs., during an event Friday, May 21 at Bakersfield High School.

 Smokey Bear and one very excited boy at the Bakersfield High School Fun Fest

The BHS Fun Fest was organized by students and staff of Bakersfield High School.  Children with special needs from several elementary schools were assigned to a “buddy” when they arrived.  Their “buddies” -- Bakersfield High School students -- took them to the several stations and events at the Fun Fest. 

BLM Bakersfield's Metro Fire Station brought their engine for the children to explore.  Children took turns climbing up in the engine and learning about the equipment firefighters carry.  Said one Bakersfield High School buddy of the child with her, “This is our third trip back to the fire engine.  She just wants to stay in the fire truck all day.”

Firefighters showing Engine 3130 to children at the Bakersfield High School Fun Fest

A special appearance from Smokey Bear was also a highlight.  “It is really exciting to see these kids light up when they see Smokey Bear and the fire engine,” said a counselor from Bakersfield High School.

BLM firefighters visit many schools each year to educate students about fire prevention and safety.

 Smokey Beat giving bear hugs!

- Michelle Puckett, BLM-California Bakersfield Field Office, 6/2/10

BLM-California News.bytes, issue 435

Last updated: 06-09-2010