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 Not just for the birds

California Coastal National Monument celebrates 10-year anniversary at the Redwood Bird and Nature Festival

Hundreds of bird and nature enthusiasts gathered in Crescent City last weekend to celebrate the unique diversity of birds, habitats, wildlife, native plants, culture, and heritage found in Del Norte County. The California Redwoods Bird & Nature Festival, May 7-9 offered specialized programs led by expert local and regional ornithologists, biologists, botanists, naturalists, historians, and American Indians. (text continues below)

A boy and a girl wear hand-colored paper pelican headbands
Elisa & Joaquin show off their pelican headbands

On Saturday at the Kids & Goslings Corner children celebrated the California Coastal National Monument by creating brown pelican headbands and coloring shorebird drawings.  Artist Gary Bloomfield led a drawing class where children & adults learned how to draw seabirds by engaging their own ‘inner x-ray glasses’ to understand bird skeletons, to make drawing easy and fun.

At the BLM CCNM table Marcia DeChadenedes & Leisyka Parrott wore their own pelican headbands and gave away free posters in celebration of the 10th Anniversary of the California National Coastal Monument.

A woman stands with her son
Tallie & Theron Thomson enjoying Kids & Goslings Corner

Two women with fanciful headresses stand behind an exhibit table
Susan Calla, one of the many organizers for the Redwood Bird and Nature Festival and Leisyka Parrott behind the BLM CCNM booth.

Two women wearing paper pelican headbands spread their arms in as if in flight
Marcia deChadenèdes & Leisyka Parrott take flight at the BLM CCNM table at the Crescent City Cultural Center.

A man stands back to inspect the lines of his artwork, as a woman and three children sitting at a table try their own drawings
Gary Bloomfield teaches bird drawing.

A smiling boy shows off his green hand-colored headband with a pelican's head and wings
Junior shows off his pelican headband.

- Leisyka Parrott, BLM-California Arcata Field Office, 5/17/10

BLM-California News.bytes, issue 432

Last updated: 05-21-2010