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Youth Fishing Derby brings them in

Hobo Camp, a  picnic area along the BLM's Bizz Johnson National Recreation Trail near Susanville, was a popular spot Saturday, April 17, as families flocked to the river in hopes of landing a trout and maybe even winning a prize.  Families crowded the banks of the Susan River for the Lassen Sportsmen's Club  annual youth fishing derby.  The event drew nearly 600 participants who fished in the river and Pauite Creek, a Susan River tributary, for fish provided by the California Department of Fish and Game and planted by local volunteers.  The sportsmen's club and local sponsors offer prizes for biggest catches in several participant age groups. 

A young girl looks at the camera over her fishing rod
Five-year-old Trinity has her prize catch resting safely in her lap after a morning of intense fishing.

A mom holds her daughter's shoulders as the girls holds her fishing rod
Families fish near the Hobo Camp bridge in hopes of landing a trout.

The annual fishing derby allows registered children to fish on the weekend preceding the opening of California's stream fishing season.   The day gets underway at 5 a.m. and continues into the afternoon.

The BLM's Eagle Lake Field Office has been a partner for many years, ensuring that Hobo Camp is available as a great place for families to participate in this special day.

- Jeff Fontana, BLM Northern California District; photos by Stan Bales, BLM Eagle Lake Field Office  recreation planner

BLM-California News.bytes, issue 428

Last updated: 04-21-2010