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Udall's legacy extends to many areas under BLM-California jurisdiction

Former Secretary Udall was instrumental in passage of a number of environmental laws, as the March 23, 2010 editorial in the Sacramento Bee notes ("Stewart Udall was a true hero of the West"). These include the Wilderness Act of 1964, the Wild and Scenic Rivers Act of 1968, and the National Trails System Act of 1968, among others.

Here in California, a significant amount of public lands administered by BLM have since been designated under these statutes and are managed by BLM to protect their special values.

They include 87 Wilderness Areas, totaling 3.8 million acres -- such as the King Range Wilderness Area on California's "Lost Coast" managed by the BLM's Arcata Field Office -- as well as 72 Wilderness Study Areas, covering 1.1 million acres...

Hikers cross a grassy hill overlooking the Pacific Ocean

... eight  Wild and Scenic Rivers stretching almost 100 miles, such asthe South Fork of the American River with its exciting whitewater rafting:

Two inflatable rafts take to the river, with their crews in orange flotation devices

... four Scenic and Historic Trails covering almost 580 miles -- inlcuding portions of the Pacific Crest Trail that stretches the the full length of California:

A man, woman, and child look from a trail onto a vista of rugged rocky mountain

For further information:

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Last updated: 03-25-2010