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Motorcyclists enjoy late-winter races at Dry Valley

A cool and dry late winter day greeted motorcycle riders of all ages and abilities for two days of racing March 6-7 on public lands in the Dry Valley area of northwest Nevada.  The races were sponsored by the Motorcycle Racing Association of Northern Nevada and the Lassen Diamonbacks Motorcycle Club under a special use permit issued by the BLM's Eagle Lake Field Office in Susanville. (story continues below)

 Adults stand among youngsters sitting on motorbikes
Parents assist their young riders to get ready for the start of their heat.

Young motorcycle riders start to race, as adults watch
Young riders battle for position at the start of their heat on a race course designed for their smaller motorcycles and riding abilities.

Bigger, faster motorcycles and experienced riders dominated the day on Sunday.  These racers competed on longer courses with much more challenging terrain.

One motorcycle rider is clearly visible, as two others emerge from the dust
A rider leads two others out of a dust cloud near the start of a race.

A motorcycle rider in helmet and red riding suit leans into a curve on a dusty track
An advanced rider rounds a curve as a spectator looks on.

Competitors raced on courses ranging from two miles to 42 miles in length.  Routes, which included existing roads and trails, were pre-approved by the BLM as part of the race use permit.  There were no reported serious incidents on injuries.

- Photos by Marisa Williams, outdoor recreation planner at BLM-California's Eagle Lake Field Office, March 6-7 2010

Last updated: 03-11-2010