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More than 200 take Fort Ord mushroom tour

There are many kinds of fungus among us – some good and some lethal.

More than 200 people of all ages learned about poisonous and edible wild mushrooms on the former Fort Ord near the Monterey Bay during a Jan. 31 tour. (text continues below)

A man holds a mushroom up for the audience
Showing a mushroom specimen to visitors

“The tour included a discussion of open space values and resources on BLM-administered lands, U.S. Army lands and lands soon to be transferred to be transferred to the County of Monterey,” said Bruce Delgado, BLM botanist in the Hollister Field Office.

Most of the mushrooms were collected from land slated to be used as the Monterey Bay Youth Camp. Delgado discussed the natural and recreational values of this former Army base on the tour.

 “We hope people will understand and respect its values when they return to explore with families and friends,” he said. The former Fort Ord is 28,000 acres, similar in size to San Francisco, and through events like this BLM hopes to continue building strong community connections and a stewardship ethic for these public lands.

A close-up of mushrooms in a basket

A man, woman and child set of on a trail away from the camera
A family heads out onto a Fort Ord trail

Two women smile as they hold mushrooms of various types
Two visitors display mushrooms they found at Fort Ord

Man holds another mushroom
Showing another variety of mushroom to visitors

A display of mushrooms in a basket
Some mushrooms found at the Fort Ord public lands

- Dave Christy, BLM Central California District.  Photos by Alan Bilinsky.

BLM-California News.bytes, issue 419

Last updated: 02-11-2010