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 Volunteers help prepare parcel for public ownership

On Saturday, December 19th, the Palm Springs-South Coast BLM field office hosted a volunteer cleanup event within the proposed Beauty Mountain Wilderness in San Diego County, approximately 35 miles east of Temecula.  Local volunteers from the communities of Warner Springs, Temecula, Anza, and Aguanga including members of the Temecula-based Sierra Club (Santa Margarita group), Resource Conservation District, and the Backcountry Horseman of Anza (Redshank Riders) were on hand to help in the effort. (text continues below)

A volunteer pulls drip irrigation tubing from the underbrush

In conjunction with BLM staff and Law Enforcement, volunteers helped fill a 40-yard rolloff container with old plastic tubing and other irrigation supplies left behind on a parcel of private land recently acquired by the BLM.  This parcel, just south of Twin Lakes off of the Cooper Cienega Truck Trail, was once used as a fruit tree plantation with roughly 25 acres of land infused with irrigation line.

Volunteers got right to work at 9 am, gathering up the black plastic tubing and pulling it by hand to the road where it could be rolled up, bundled, and hauled by truck down the hill to the waiting dumpster. Volunteers were excited about helping to restore their local public lands, and with a total of 13 people, spirits remained high the entire day as a large quantity of work was completed and new friendships were forged.

By 1pm, the dumpster was filled to the top.  While the majority of the irrigation tubing was removed in such a short time, a substantial amount of material still remains onsite.  Therefore, another volunteer work party to finish cleaning up the area is currently being scheduled for a future date (possibly the weekend of January 17th).  One of the volunteers, a teacher at the local school, even offered to get her class involved in the next cleanup.

A young man wraps tape around coiled irrigation tubing
A man carries coiled tubing and a black plastic trash bag

A woman carries a large pile of irrigation tubing

A man carries a large coil of black plastic irrigation tubing to a white pickup truck already getting full of the tubing
A dozen volunteers and a BLM ranger pose for a group photo in front of a white pickup truck

- Jennifer Taylor, outdoor recreation planner-wilderness, BLM-California Palm Springs South Coast Field Office, 12/28/09

BLM-California News.bytes, issue 414

Last updated: 12-30-2009