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Could this be the elusive Rudolph?

This is an actual 'computer-enhanced' photo, from an image captured on 12/9/09 by BLM's webcam at the Cosumnes River Preserve, south of Sacramento. Notice the similarity to photos appearing in various periodicals after Bigfoot sightings. (text continues below)

Web cam capture 12/9/09 of a blurry deer - perhaps a reindeer - at the Cosumnes River Preserve

Notoriously camera-shy Rudolph the red-nosed reindeer has seldom been caught on camera -- but the Cosumnes River Preserve is a notable watering hole for flying wildlife migrating along the Pacific Flyway.  Perhaps those rumors are true, about the secret enclave near Palm Springs where Rudolph hangs out off-season.  Could this be the famous flying luminary, stopping for a break on his way to report for training camp at the North Pole?

Also of interest:

A deer with antlers and a red noseAlaska Department of Fish and Game's "Santa's Reindeer" page -- with "the only known photo of Rudolph - taken while he was vacationing in ANWR." (The Arctic National Wildlife Refuge) Read the tale of how "One of Santa’s reindeer, Rudolph, was born with a genetic abnormality. His nose is bright red. As a calf, the other reindeer excluded Rudolph and often made disparaging remarks about his nose. However, this genetic abnormality became his greatest asset."



Cosumnes River Preserve:

The image above was captured at 12:56 pm on December 19, 2009 by BLM-California's Cosumnes River Preserve webcamNestled in the heart of California's Central Valley, The Cosumnes River Preserve is a critical stop on the Pacific Flyway for migrating and wintering waterfowl. More than 250 species of birds have been sighted on or near the Preserve, including the State-listed threatened Swainson hawk, greater and lesser sandhill cranes, Canada geese, and numerous ducks.

Best wildlife viewing occurs October through February, when waterfowl and other water birds spend their winters at the Preserve.

The webcam operates 7:00 am to 7:00 pm daily.

g.p.s., 12/09

BLM-California News.bytes, issue 413

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