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Federal Oil and Gas Operators Seminar 2009

BLM staff from the Bakersfield Field Office and the State Office hosted 170 representatives from the oil and gas industry at the 6th biennial Seminar for Federal Oil and Gas Operators.  The seminar, held in Bakersfield, was attended by representatives from major and independent oil and gas companies, industry associations, contractors, and other agencies. 

According to Jeff Prude, acting Assistant Field Manager for Minerals, the seminar was a great success.  “After the seminar was over, we heard from a number of operators who really appreciated our efforts to help them through the permitting process.”  Prude added, “It took a lot of time to put this seminar together, but it’ll make permitting go more smoothly for our operators in the long run.” 

A large crowd is seated in the meeting room, before a speaker and three large screens
A large crowd fills the meeting room

A speaker stands amid the three large projector screens
Three large screens helped ensure that all attendees could see the information being shared.

- J. Prude, 11/9/09

BLM-California News.bytes, issue 408

Last updated: 11-12-2009