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Department of the Interior Secretary Ken Salazar visits Southern California

Secretary Salazar stands behind a podium, making a presentation, with a crowd surrounding him.
Secretary Salazar (center) and BLM Director Bob Abbey (far right) with BLM California Managers and members of the RECO team

Secretary of the Interior Ken Salazar and BLM Director Bob Abbey visit BLM's Field Office in Palm Springs to emphasize the importance of renewable energy development in helping address climate change.  The Secretary, also there to officially open the California Desert Renewable Energy Office (RECO), told gathered reporters and employees that the Desert is at the "epicenter" of this effort, promising it would be done "the right way," balancing protection of desert landscapes with renewable energy development.  Members of the RECO team are shown behind the Secretary and Director, along with Palm Springs Field Manager John Kalish (right of the Secretary).


Secretary Salazar and the Palm Springs Fire Management Staff from Engines 3636 and 3630
Secretary Salazar and the Palm Springs Fire Management Staff from Engines 3636 and 3630
(left to right:  Robert Giovannetti-Engineer, Timothy Dunfee-Division Chief, Salvador Cardoza-Captain, Marcos Rodriguez-Firefighter, Martin Sanchez-Lead Firefighter, Secretary Salazar, Zach Snyder-Engineer, Joe Labak-Assistant Fire Engine Operator, Jacob Lamb-Firefighter, Thomas Sherman-Division Chief, Michael V. Pugliese-Lead Firefighter, and Quintin Jara-Firefighter)

As part of the Secretary's tour, he visited with BLM's fire crew based out of Palm Springs, above.  The Secretary took the crew up on their offer to climb up into a wildland fire engine, and see the sophisticated equipment up close, even testing the lights and sirens (they did.)

Secretary Salazar inspects the cab of a wildland fire engine with Robert Giovannetti.
Secretary Salazar (in the driver's seat) with Robert Giovannetti, Engine 3630 Engineer 

- J. Bedrosian, 10/15/09

BLM-California News.bytes, issue 404


Last updated: 10-15-2009