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Central Coast residents meet America's "Living Legends"

Residents of California's Central Coast  took advantage of the opportunity to get acquainted with America's "living legends" on Sept. 11 and 12, when the BLM's wild horse and burro program held at adoption event in Buellton, near Santa Maria.  An estimated 150 visitors attended the event preview and adoption days at Bella Cavalli Farms, and nine animals (five horses and four burros) went home with adopters. (text continues below)

 Two burros wait for adoption
Seeing double?  Burros, especially young look alikes,  are always an attraction at adoptions.

 Art DiGrazia, in cowboy hat, talks with visitors
Art DiGrazia, operations specialist at the BLM Ridgecrest Corrals, explains the adoption program to event visitors.

 woman hands a model horse to a girl, as man watches
Julia, a young adoption event visitor from the Solvang area, receives a mustang model horse from wild horse program assistant Stacy Peters. 

A horse sniffs an outstretched hand
The mustangs at the Buellton event were all yearlings, young and curious about event visitors.  This filly is willing to check out an outstretched hand.

 A man scratches under the chin of a horse, as two girls watch
Sometimes mustang's curiosity turns to trust.
A horse closes its eyes as a hand pets its snout

 Two visitors talk in front of the horse pens
Horse fanciers take their time and consult with each other as they decide which mustang would come home with them.

A girl stands looking at a horse, while the horse tentatively stretches out its head toward her
A young visitor takes the time for some quality, solitary time getting to know a young mustang.

The next focus for the wild horse and burro adoption program is National Adoption Day, set for Saturday, Sept. 26.  In California, BLM adoption events are set for the Ridgecrest Corrals, the Litchfield Corrals near Susanville, Sacramento and Redlands.   See information on the observance and a schedule of nationwide events.

- Jeff Fontana, 9/09

BLM-California News.bytes, issue 400

Last updated: 09-16-2009