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North Coast Geotourism Committee Reviews 900+ Site Nominations

Sets Groundwork for Completion of Web-Based Interactive Geotourism MapGuide

California’s North Coast Geotourism Committee held its major meeting associated with the development of the regional web-based interactive Geotourism MapGuide. (text continued below)

A woman makes her point with hand gestures
Humboldt State University Assistant Professor Joy Adams makes a point at the North Coast Geotourism Committee meeting

Assembling in Mendocino, California, on August 20 and 21, 2009, 30 representatives from the six counties of the North Coast region (i.e., Del Norte, Humboldt, Mendocino, Lake, and Sonoma counties, and western Marin County) reviewed the more than 900 site nominations. These site nominations were gathered and submitted during the initial phase of the North Coast Geotourism Project with the National Geographic Society and coordinated by the BLM’s California Coastal National Monument. The launch of the on-line, interactive North Coast Geotourism MapGuide website is scheduled for the end of November 2009. After a long discussion and consideration of a number of possibilities, the entire committee settled on a slogan or tag-line for use on the MapGuide that they felt best represents the region -- “California’s Redwood Coast: Paradise Untamed.”

Four people at a table talk among themselves and take notes
A table group engages in intense discussion over a site nomination for the North Coast Geotourism MapGuide

A woman stands and talks to a group seated at a table
 BLM-California’s Marcia deChadenedes (the meeting’s facilitator) assists the Lake County working group with their geotourism site nominations review

A man amid several large written lists, speaks to a large group of people
Point Arena Lighthouse Keepers President Jim Platt proposes a lighthouse theme

- Rick Hanks, BLM, 9/09

BLM-California News.bytes, issue 400

Last updated: 09-16-2009