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Celebrating Headwaters Forest Reserve in story and song

A year-long celebration marking the acquisition of the Headwaters Forest Reserve into public ownership is continuing on the North Coast.

Most recently, an audience of 50 enjoyed an evening of stories and music about Headwaters, its natural resources and colorful history.  The event was held Aug. 12, at the Headwaters Education Center, a restored locomotive barn near the Elk River Trailhead. (text continues)

A guitarist sits in front of a crowd in the canle-lit interior of the barn
Local musician and storyteller Seabury Gould entertained the crowd inside the candle-lit education center.

Ranger Julie Clark portrays Maggie the Falk camp cook
Julie Clark wears an 1800s white dress and apron as she portrays a camp cook

Julie Clark, the Bureau of Land Management's Headwaters park ranger, portrayed Maggie, the Falk camp cook, in a living history presentation.  Falk was a logging town at the north end of today's forest reserve. The first mile of the Elk River Trail passes through the townsite, where BLM has installed interpretive signs to tell the story of the community that once flourished there.

The music and storytelling evening was the fourth in a series of events marking 10 years since the federal and state governments purchased the 7,472 acres of redwood forests, including 3,000 acres of ancient trees. The next formal event is a guided tour of the Falk townsite, set for Saturday, Sept. 19, from 10 a.m. to noon.  Registration information is available from the BLM Arcata Field Office, (707) 825-2300.

The Reserve was established to protect and preserve habitat, including streams, that support threatened species including northern spotted owls, marbled murrelets (a small seabird that nests in redwoods), coho salmon and steelhead.    It is managed jointly by the BLM and the California Department of Fish and Game, and is part of the BLM's National Landscape Conservation System, which conserves some of the nation's most dramatic landscapes.

A scenic and informative video presentation, part of BLM's "Beyond the Brochure" series is available onlline at http://www.blm.gov/ca/media/video/btb/headwaters.

- J. Fontana, BLM-California Northern District, 8/09
- Photo credit:  James Sowerwine, Arcata Field Office

Last updated: 08-26-2009