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National Trails Day event attracts more than 70 volunteers

A grinning boy holds a freshly-painted, bright-colored bird house 
The Western Bluebirds will surely appreciate these brightly-painted bird boxes!  Kale Almeida shows off his fine work!  (His sister, Caroline Almeida is behind him.)

More than 70 volunteers participated in a National Trails Day community service project at Magnolia Ranch near Coloma.  The event was sponsored by the American River Conservancy, REI and Bureau of Land Management.

Volunteers repaired multi use trails, removed invasive plants, installed hitching posts and planted oak trees.   Younger volunteers constructed and painted blue bird boxes which were installed on fence posts.  T-shirts were given out and an appreciation lunch was held at the end of a great morning’s work!

Magnolia Ranch, located on the South Fork of the American River, is managed by BLM’s Mother Lode Field Office.  The Magnolia Ranch parcel is adjacent to Cronan Ranch and Greenwood Creek and is part of the South Fork American River Trail which is under construction.

Volunteers stand around a man with a clipboard, waiting for instructions
Mother Lode Field Office Recreation Lead Jeff Horn gives volunteer leaders an early morning safety talk.  Leaders were from BLM American River Conservancy, REI and California State Parks.

Volunteers in various shapes and sizes walk across a grassy field surrounded by trees
Volunteers head down the trail at Magnolia Ranch.
A woman holds brightly-painted bird boxes
Libby Almeida prepares to install Bluebird boxes on fence posts
Mean approach a fence, as a boy carries a log
Junior volunteer Kale Almeida, from El Dorado Hills, lent his muscles to many tasks on Saturday.

A family poses along the trail
Volunteering is a family affair. Keoni and Libby Almeida take a moment for group photo with their children Carolyn, Madeline and Kale
Volunteer workers walking the trail include a boy with a man
Kale walks alongside Jeff Horn, BLM recreation lead, headed down trail to where Kale's Dad was working.

A group poses with their orange weed-removal tools, as one man raises his over his head
Eradicating Scotch broom is a hard job.  This crew just in from Greenwood Creek and ready for lunch!

A man pushing a wheelbarrow leads a group of people coming down the trail
Work done ... headed in for lunch.

BLM-California's Mother Lode Field Office thanks all the great partners and volunteers who help BLM accomplish its mission!

- Barb Williams, BLM-California Mother Lode Field Office volunteer coordinator

BLM-California News.bytes, issue 386

Last updated: 06-11-2009