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Clear Creek overlook wins public works award

One of the newest developments on BLM-managed land in Shasta County is the Clear Creek Gorge trailhead and salmon viewing overlook.  It is drawing rave reviews from recreation users who now have access to a scenic creek canyon and a perch from which to view spawning salmon.

Now the project  has been recognized for the engineering achievements with an award from the American Public Works Association's (APWA) Shasta Cascade Branch, Sacramento Chapter. (text continues below)

 Seven people line up for their awards photo

At an awards ceremony held in Redding, partners were on hand to receive plaques.  From left are Russ Wenham, Omni-Means Engineering; Josh Watkins, APWA branch president; Cathy Scott, Horsetown Clear Creek Preserve; RyanTeubert, Western Shasta Resource Conservation District; John Ribinsky, BLM Redding Field Office; Mary Mitchell, Western Shasta RCD; and Bill Kuntz, BLM Redding Field Office.  Each of the project partners -- BLM, Western Shasta RCD and Omni-Means Engineering --  received plaques commemorating the successful project, below.

 plaque reads: "Shasta-Cascade Branch 2008-2009 Project of the Year; Clear Creek Gorge Trailhead and Overlook Project; Parks and trails category; US Department of the Interior, Bureau of Land Management

The overlook and trailhead were built on a parcel donated by the City of Redding to the BLM for management as public land.    It features a parking area with space for buses, restrooms, picnic tables and a platform overlooking salmon spawning beds.  A 10-mile recreational trail network extends from the trailhead.   It was built as part of a two-decade project involving more than two-dozen partners to restore lower Clear Creek, which was suffering the effects of historic gold mining and gravel extraction.  The Western Shasta RCD coordinated the project, with many features and improvements on public land managed by the BLM Redding Field Office.

Several visitors stand on the overlook platform
Above, members of BLM's Northwest California Resource Advisory Council tour the salmon viewing plaza shortly after it opened.

Work has resulted in a five-fold increase in fall chinook salmon runs, increasing populations of songbirds, and diverse vegetation stands.

- Jeff Fontana, BLM-California, 6/09

BLM-California News.bytes, issue 385

Last updated: 06-03-2009