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Public lands near El Centro get a face-lift

The Holtville Rotary Club recently organized a volunteer effort to clean up an  unofficial "dump" on public lands near El Centro, so the public and recreationists can once again enjoy it. 

According to Bill Thornberg, Rotary president, the project was "huge" and required a partnership among Imperial County, BLM, Student Conservation Corps, Turning Point Ministries, Elms Rental, KC Manufacturing/Sweet Marie’s, Dunes Toy Storage, Holtville Rotary Club and volunteers from Holtville and other towns in Imperial County. (text continues below)

Volunteers pause for a photo, while cleaning up a pile of trash in the desert
Volunteers Charlie Hosken, Jack Vessey, Allen Bailey, David Martinez, Bobby Turner and Sam Rubin pause for a photo, while cleaning up one of the piles of trash.

The area is along Whitock Road, and runs from Interstate 8 to Highway 78 parallel to the Highline Canal on the desert side. Free access to a nearby county landfill was provided, courtesy of Imperial County Supervisor Wally Leimgruber and the rest of the Board.  BLM provided a permit, supervisory clean up personnel, and equipment.  The volunteers also brought personal pickups and flat bed trailers.

The Holtville Rotary club awarded the 46 volunteers with a Holtville Rotary Workday T-shirt for their efforts.  Everyone involved was proud of the response and dedication of the people from Imperial County that worked that day to clean up an "eyesore" in a beautiful area east of Holtville. 

Evelyn Konigsberg of the Student Conservation Association and Dallas Meeks of BLM-California pause by a small pile of tires...
Man and woman pause by a small pile of tires

...that became quite a large pile by the time volunteers finished picking up tires from the surround public lands:
Volunteers among a large pild of tires in the dirt

Volunteers Wally Leimgruber, Bill Thornburg, Evan Bradshaw and John Wood -- and an unidentified dog -- pause for a group photo while preparing to load a dump truck with more debris.
Volunteers and a dog pose by a dump truck


BLM-California News.bytes, issue 383

Last updated: 06-12-2009