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BLM "staffer" heads for new career

BLM adjunct staffer Mo is about to begin his third career.  After an illustrious career with the BLM, Mo has chosen the field of entertainment as his next endeavor.  He is accepting a permanent posting at the San Diego Zoo as part of a wild horse and burro exhibit opening to the public May 23. (text continues below)

Mo is all wet after getting washed down at the corral
Mo right after a bath

Mo was only a precocious two-year-old when he was discovered in December 1993 at the Red Rock Herd Management Area near Pahrump, Nevada.  Transferred off the range to the Ridgecrest Regional Wild Horse and Burro Facility near Ridgecrest, California, it wasn’t long before the U.S. Border Patrol singled him out for saddle-horse training.  Graduating summa cum laude, Mo patrolled the Mexican border with aplomb until a Washington bureaucrat declared that the work of all saddle horses would be outsourced to multi-horse powered vehicles.

Transferred back to the Ridgecrest facility, Mo then began his second career.  This time he accepted an appointment as facility saddle horse.  There, he selflessly helped wranglers move and sort wild horses and burros within the corrals, as well as took on the added responsibility of contributing his skills and expertise for many wild horse and burro gathers throughout California.  In addition, Mo represented the facility at numerous interagency adoptions, parades, school tours, and fairs – including the L.A. County Fair, where he led the “Caring for the Land” contingency.

Now nearly 18, Mo says, “I’m going to miss all my friends and co-workers at the BLM in Ridgecrest, but I couldn’t pass up this opportunity to use all my acquired skills in promoting the Wild Horse and Burro Program in a new venue – the world famous San Diego Zoo.”

Mo and a rider get ready for a parade
Mo and a rider get ready for a parade

Mo does not demand the spotlight, as here he plays second fiddle to Sherman the wild burro, while they line up for a parade in 2006
Mo is obscured behind Sherman the wild burro

- David Briery, BLM-California, 5/09 - with additional photos by Chuck Robbins, BLM Palm Springs / South Coast Fire Management

BLM-California News.bytes, issue 382

Last updated: 05-13-2009