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BLM desert advisory members visit Johnson Valley, take OHV tour

The BLM’s California Desert District Advisory Council (DAC) meeting last month began at the BLM’s Barstow Field Office, with DAC members meeting BLM field office staff. Then DAC members boarded a Discovery Trails Bus for a 69-mile trek across the desert to Johnson Valley Off-Highway Vehicle Area. (text continues below)

An off-road Jeep tackles an especially rocky and narrow terrain
Off-road drivers with DAC passengers tackle the especially rocky and narrow terrain of the "Hammers"

The Discovery Trails bus is a “green bus” that operates on compressed gas.  Use of the bus allowed all the members to ride in one vehicle and discuss issues along the way.  The DAC was able to view the areas of proposed energy development and also the area under consideration by the military for a base expansion during the ride.

The DAC was provided lunch and administrative and safety briefings.  Mr. David Cole of Hammerking Productions had assembled a large group of Off-Road driving experts to provide the assembled members an up close and personal look at a terrain feature rock crawlers affectionately call the “Hammers”.  This team of experts included club members from Extreme Wheelers 4 Christ, Friends of Johnson Valley, Inland Empire 4 Wheelers, NAXIA, Tin Benders, Victor Valley 4 Wheelers, and numerous individuals not associated with a club.   There were 40 seats available and the DAC, BLM Staff and interested members of the public were seated in vehicles for what proved to be a “World Class” rock crawling experience. 

When the group returned, each DAC member believed that “their driver was the best of all,” but agreed that the entire group exhibited professionalism, skill and openness in sharing their passion for the sport.  Mr. Cole and the team of volunteers helped the advisory council to have a better understanding of the broad issues in Johnson Valley. All who participated had an experience that they will never forget!

A wide view of the valley from a nearby hillside
A wide view of the valley from a nearby hillside

Off-road vehicles assembled on the desert floor before the climbing tour
Off-road vehicles assembled on the desert floor before the climbing tour

- Larry Blaine, outdoor recreation planner, BLM-California Barstow Field Office, 4/10/09

BLM-California News.bytes, issue 378

Last updated: 04-15-2009