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Collette Elementary kids shout, "Smokey Bear rocks!"

Early Tuesday morning, Dec. 9th, Smokey Bear began his rounds to visit the entire second grade at Riverside School District’s Collette Elementary School in Riverside. (text continues below)

Some students greeted Smokey with a hug
A student greets Smokey with a hug

BLM's California Desert District fire, prevention, and outreach staff members, Sue Rocha, Chuck Robbins, Noël Stephens, and Jo Ann Schiffer-Burdett visited eight classrooms and 148 second graders to talk about Fire Prevention and Education, and to introduce their very special guest, Smokey Bear.

Smokey Bear’s Fire Prevention visit complemented the teacher’s Language Arts/Reading/Nature Walk curriculum. Before arrived students had learned about park rangers and habitats by reading the books: “Exploring Parks with Ranger Docket” and “Around the Pond.”

When Mrs. Knowles introduced her second grade class to Chuck Robbins they knew who “Fire Chief” Robbins since their weekly spelling words included emergencies, dispatch, fire truck, firefighter, gear, Chief, and fire engine.  Fire Chief Robbins wove their spelling words into his talk on fire prevention, habitat, and 911 education, before introducing his special guest, Smokey Bear.  The second graders immediately recognized “Park Ranger” Noël Stephens who spoke about fire safety rules on the use of matches, wild fires, and being safe.  The children eagerly got big, warm, Smokey hugs and chanted with Noël, “Only you can prevent wild fires”!  

Smokey hands out pencils to eager second-graders
Smokey Bear hands out pencils to eager second-graders

 Noël Stephens, and Smokey pose for a group photo with Mrs. Knowles' Room 19 students
A group photo with Mrs. Knowles' second graders

Mrs. Caladona’s Room
A group portrait with Mrs. Caladona's room

Noël Stephens, Smokey, Fire Chief Chuck and Mrs. Knowles' second graders
Smokey, Noël Stephens, Fire Chief Chuck and Mrs. Knowles' second graders

- Joanne Schiffer-Burdett, 12/08

BLM-California News.bytes, issue 362

Last updated: 12-17-2008