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Bizz Johnson Marathon 2008 attracts hundreds of runners

The annual Bizz Johnson Marathon attracted 781 runners to Susanville on the weekend of Oct. 10 and 11, with 442 of those competing in the full marathon.  The event, organized by Redwood Trails, also featured two half marathons and 5K and 10K runs, all on the Bizz Johnson National Recreation Trail.  The event attracted runners from 36 states and two Canadian provinces.  One runner was from Hong Kong. (text continues below)

Marathon runners in a bunch at the beginning of the race
Above: Marathon runners had to bundle up against the dawn chill at the start line near Westwood.  The temperature was in the low 20s when the runners headed east toward Susanville.

Below: By the second mile, the runners were still in a large group, but beginning to spread.  BLM Eagle Lake Field Manager Dayne Barron is fourth from right (yellow shirt).  Dayne represented the BLM well. He finished in 3:36.49 (a personal best), 56th in the field, and seventh in his age group.
Runners begin to spread out a little by second mile

Local volunteers are an important part of the event, providing energy snacks and drinks along the 26.2-mile course:
An aid station along the way was staffed by volunteers
Runners pass another aid station staffed by volunteers

The beautiful scenery along the trail is one of the attractions that draw runners to the event.
Two runners pass between a rocky cliff towering above them and trees and greenery on the other side

The marathon follows the entire length of the Bizz Johnson National Recreation Trail, managed jointly by the BLM Eagle Lake Field Office and the Lassen National Forest.   Being level and downhill, it is  a fast marathon course and a qualifying race for the prestigious Boston Marathon.  The half marathons and shorter races are also held on the trail.

- J. Fontana, 10/14/08
- Photos by Stan Bales, BLM

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Last updated: 10-15-2008