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Volunteers clean up near Redding on National Public Lands Day

A group of 30 volunteers celebrated National Public Lands Day at the BLM's Clear Creek Greenway south of Redding, hauling out 50 bags of garbage and a shopping cart that had been pitched into the creek. The volunteers also removed graffiti, tore down a dilapidated corral and remove litter from the roadside. (text continues below)

A volunteer faces a daunting graffiti removal chore at an underpass
Above: volunteer faces a daunting graffiti removal chore.

Below: Volunteers removed litter from the roadway near Clear Creek.
Volunteers in those orange vests you see workers wear on the side of the road -- plus sun hats - pick up litter along the road

A volunteer picks up trash near the entrance the Clear Creek Greenway, one of the newest recreation sites developed and managed by the BLM Redding Field Office.
A volunteer picks up trash near a sign announcing the entrance to the Clear Creek Greenway

The Redding Field Office is now at work on a salmon-viewing platform and a 10-mile trail system in the Greenway just south of Redding. For more than a decade the field office and a large group of partners have been restoring Clear Creek which had suffered from historic gold and gravel mining. Initial work focused on restoring salmon habitat and resulted in a 15-fold increase in salmon spawning runs over a decade. Members of the public have taken notice of the restoration work and are returning to Clear Creek in increasing numbers.

- J. Fontana, 10/1/08

BLM California News.bytes, issue 351

Last updated: 10-03-2008