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California Coastal National Monument Signs Pact to promote Geotourism

BLM's North Coast partners in the California Coastal National Monument last week signed pacts to incorporate principles of geotourism into their existing gateway partnership agreements. In simultaneous signing ceremonies held Thursday, Aug. 28, in Trinidad and Point Arena, the partners added their names to partnership agreements also signed by BLM Associate State Director Jim Abbott.

In Point Arena, the signatories included, from left, Grace Carter of the Point Arena Lighthouse Keepers Association, Point Arena Mayor Leslie Dahlhoff, and David Jensen, president of the Mendocino Coast Audubon Society Chapter.


In Trinidad, signing partners included Stan Binnie, City of Trinidad, left, and Patti Fleschner of the Trinidad Museum Society.

Also signing agreements in Trinidad were Maria Tripp of the Yurok Tribe, left, and Shirley Laos of Trinidad Rancheria. Also signing an agreement, but not pictured, was Axel Lindgren of the Tsurai Ancestral Society.

In the agreements, the partners agree to support tourism development that maintains the integrity of communities, with improvements designed to reflect and conserve the distinctive character of each area's environment and local heritage. They also agree to encourage growth in tourism segments most likely to appreciate and respect the unique qualities of the north coast and its communities. The principles were developed by the National Geographic Society's Center for Sustainable Destinations.

Trinidad and Point Arena are "gateways" to the California Coastal National Monument, providing opportunities for members of the public to learn more about the monument and the communities. Each community has a working gateway committee of local residents who have determined the best method to present CCNM and community information to the public.

The signing ceremonies were a first step in an effort to develop a National Geographic Mapguide for the California coast. Opportunities for extensive public participation will be announced.

The California Coastal National Monument includes the rocks and small islands stretching the length of the coast from mean high tide to 12 nautical miles offshore. The BLM and its partners manage the monument to protect the rocks and islands and the habitat they provide for unique plants and animals including seabirds and marine mammals.


-J. Fontana

BLM-California News.bytes, issue 347

Last updated: 09-04-2008