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News.bytesNews.bytes Extra, issue 346

Rocky the BLM burro reports from the California State Fair

Rocky the BLM burro "talks" to the camera at the California State Fair

Hi folks, I want to tell you all about how it was with us BLM burros at the California State Fair! I had a good time except that I was stuck in a pen with two other longeared guys and only one gorgeous blue hair longear named Ashley. Sometimes Blare and me would get into it until Blare decided that he and Tiger would just hang out and leave my gal alone!

Rocky brays at the camera

For the most part all of us hung out and saw a lot of two-legged critters. Some looked like miniatures of the bigger ones, but those minis were mostly pretty wiggly with fingers that smelled like edible candy, and boy howdy do I like candy! All in all it wasn’t bad because they talked a lot and petted us a lot more. Lots of them flashed lights at us from these weird looking little shiny boxes.

Rocky addresses the camera directly

I tell ya though, after awhile, those flashing boxes fried my eyes more than once! I thought I was seeing double there for awhile until I realized that, yeah, Blare and Tiger really do look alike with all those stripes and all!

Rocky the burro hits a high note, it looks like

That reminds me! Ha, Ha!!! There was a “mini” one of us at the place right next door. He was all spotty like poor Winchester is! That little guy would really mess up a lot too because he wanted to be over with us bigguns and them little two legged critters leadin’ him would be dragged off over to us! It was fun to watch!

Rocky the burro finishes his speech

All in all, if we could of stayed at the California State Fair for longer, I would have been one happy-go-lucky guy! Hopefully we’ll see you again next year!

- Rocky the BLM burro (as reported by BLM wild horse and burro volunteer Ginny Freeman). 

Rocky, Ginny's burro adopted from the BLM, joined adopted burros Ashley, Winchester, Blare and Tiger at a BLM exhibit during opening week of the California State Fair in Sacramento, August 2008. Ginny and other volunteers visited with about 2,000 fair-goers and distributed information about BLM-California's Wild Horse and Burro Adoption Program.

BLM-California News.bytes, issue 346

Last updated: 08-26-2008