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Mustangs and trainers put on a show for adopters

Visitors at the BLM’s wild horse and burro adoption event  in Norco last weekend were treated to demonstrations by several accomplished mustangs and trainers. (text contnues below)

Potential adopters watch the lottery draw from their seats in the grandstand
The Norco adoption event last weekend featured a new "Lottery Draw" at 9am on Saturday. Here, potential adopters watch as a number is pulled out of a hat, to determine who went first.

Ray Ariss and mustang Hail Yeah appeared during Friday’s preview. Hail Yeah fetched a $50,000 adoption fee at last year’s Extreme Mustang Makeover in Texas.

Also appearing Friday were Rick Wagner and Joaquin, representing the Garden Grove Mounted Police. BLM’s Ridgecrest Regional Corral held the Adopt a Wild Horse or Burro event at George Ingall’s Equestrian Event Center in Norco. 

Saturday’s demonstration included Joe Misner and Team Mustang, trainers selected for the Extreme Mustang Makeover 2008, in Fort Worth, TX – Sept. 18-21.

Local mustang owners also rode up to the adoption at Ingalls Arena, to share their stories with potential adopters and answer questions.

A new Lottery Draw replaced the competitive silent bid auction used at previous adoption events. At 9am Saturday 16 adopters with approved applications, anxiously awaited their turn to draw numbers from the hat. Whoever drew #1 got the first chance to select the animal of their choice; then #2 and so on. 

Art Di Grazia, Ridgecrest Regional Corral manager, said, "This way everyone gets a chance to adopt a mustang or burro for $125.00.”

By Sunday, 20 mustangs and burros had been adopted.

Ray Ariss and Hail Yeah show off their training efforts during a demonstration last year
Ray Ariss stands atop mustang Hail Yeah at a demonstration last year 

- Jo Ann Schiffer-Burdett, 8/08

BLM-California News.bytes, issue 345

Last updated: 08-21-2008