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Bureau of Land Management, Society for Range Management present 2007 BLM Rangeland Management Specialist Recognition Awards

The Bureau of Land Management’s Division of Rangeland Resources and the Society for Range Management annually recognize employees in the field with BLM Rangeland Specialist Recognition Awards ... to promising individuals who deserve an outstanding professional development opportunity or those who have provided xemplary service through their local on-the-ground achievements.

This year's recipients include Jeff Starosta of BLM-California's Bishop Field Office, for "a track record of outstanding performance in managing the Bishop Field Office rangeland management program since his assignment to the position in October 2005." 

Group portrait of this year's award recipients:
2008 rangeland award recipients pose for a group photo with their plaques

BLM-California's Jeff Starosta in the field, unloading rocks to block vehicle access to a restored campsite along Virginia Creek.
The campsite was decommissioned because of close proximity to the creek.
Jeff's face is obscured in shadow under his cap, at the sunny worksite

Back at the office, Jeff dusts off monitoring tools while taking a break from range EAs (rangeland environmental assessments)
Jeff dusts off tools back at the office

See the full story at the Department of Interior's magazine, People Land & Water.


BLM-California News.bytes, issue 339

Last updated: 07-10-2008