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Deputy Secretary Holds Interior Town Hall Meeting in Sacramento

Deputy Secretary Lynn Scarlett hosted more than 200 employees of the Department of the Interior at a “Town Hall” meeting in Sacramento May 21 held at the Alumni Center at Sacramento State University.

The ninth in a nationwide series designed to gather employees’ views as well as share Interior priorities for the last months of this Administration, the meeting began with a short video appearance by Secretary Dirk Kempthorne. He reflected on the immense responsibilities shared by all the agencies within Interior and the importance of the new Interior “core value” statement: “Stewardship for America with Integrity and Excellence.” (text continues below)

Deputy Secretary Scarlett speaks to employees

Scarlett discussed the “big picture” challenges that face Interior now and in the future, including land fragmentation, climate change, water allocation, ocean/coastal protection, energy (including renewables), and workforce management. She also fielded a wide range of questions from the audience representing all Sacramento area bureaus within Interior.

The Deputy Secretary, a Californian who has held several high level positions at Interior over the last seven years, added that one reason for holding the Town Hall meetings was “just to say thank you” for the opportunity to help guide the Department and experience some of the “incredible” resources under Interior’s stewardship.

Deputy Secretary Scarlett takes questions from the audience
Deputy Secretary Scarlett answers questions from the audience

-May, 2008

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Last updated: 05-22-2008