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First Responders appreciated at Petco Park 

During the 2007 October fires in San Diego County, many emergency agencies responded to provide support and emergency services to the entire county.  To show their appreciation, the San Diego Padres baseball club invited 35 local First Responder agencies to a ceremony at the beginning of the Los Angeles Angels vs. San Diego Padres exhibition baseball game late last month at Petco Park. (story continues below)

BLM firefighter waves to the crowd on the big screen at Petco Park

Each agency brought an agency hat to exchange with a Padres team player -- and that player wore that hat during the game on the field. The Bureau of Land Management, represented by the California Desert District fire staff, was present to participate as one of the 35 agencies.  Ron Woychak, Regional Fire Management Office and Clay Howe, Fire Mitigation Specialist were present with their wives at the ceremony, held March 28.

A cameraman gets a closeup as BLM firefighter Ron Woychak waves the cap traded to him by a ballplayer
Down on the field, firefighters waved the caps they received from ballplayers 

First responders pose for a group photo
First responders pose for a group photo

During the October fire siege, BLM dispatched many fire engines and crews from several western states to help in the fire suppression effort.  BLM should be extremely proud of the assistance effort our men and women displayed during the October fire event.  BLM greatly appreciated the recognition it recieved as a major first responder to assist our fellow agencies in California.

-4/08 R. Woychak

BLM California News.bytes, issue 328

Last updated: 04-22-2008