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Outstanding cross-country skiing conditions on the Bizz Johnson Trail 

For current information on winter conditions call the BLM Eagle Lake Field Office at (530) 257-0456.
It has been snowing almost every day for a month in northeastern California. Homeowners are tired of shoveling and drivers are weary of sliding. Winter sports lovers, however, are ecstatic! The Bizz Johnson National Recreation Trail now has snow up to five feet deep, and offers superb, uncrowded skiing with opportunities for skiers of every ability. There are no fees!

Below, one of the benefits of working as a BLM outdoor recreation planner is having the responsibility to check current conditions. For Eagle Lake Field Office staff member Stan Bales (first photo below), this requires visiting the Bizz Johnson Trail on cross country skis. It's tough work. Notice the smile on his face. On his trail visits, Stan reports encountering local skiers and snowshoers thrilled to have outstanding conditions so close to home. (story continues below)

Stan Bales of BLM's Eagle Lake Field Office skis across a snow-covered bridge on the Bizz Johnson Trail

Local resident Gary Schoolcraft, second photo, was among those taking advantage of the great conditions this week.
Gary Schoolcraft's skis cannot be seen in the deep snow as he skis the trail

Access to the trail, managed jointly by the BLM and Lassen National Forest, is easy via trailheads in Susanville, at Devil's Corral (about seven miles west of Susanville on Highway 36) and at Mason Station near Westwood. There are also great skiing and snowmobiling opportunities on national forest lands adjacent to the trail. Complete information can be found on the Lassen National Forest website.

The wintry weather is also proving picture postcard scenery. Here, the Susan River winds through a course of snow-covered boulders along the Bizz Johnson Trail.
Snow drifts line the Susan River

 Sunrise casts a golden glow on a snowfield in the Susanville Ranch Regional Park, which includes BLM-managed lands on the west side of Susanville:
A rail fence winds through fields of snow colored golden from the sunrise

For current information on winter conditions call the BLM Eagle Lake Field Office at (530) 257-0456.

- Jeff Fontana, 2/5/08

BLM California News.bytes, issue 317

Last updated: 02-06-2008