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Area recreation advisory committee holds its first meeting

The Pacific Southwest Recreation Resource Advisory Committee (RRAC) held its first meeting on November 5 and 6 in Sacramento, California. The RRAC is a citizen's Federal Advisory Committee that provides recommendations on creating new or changing existing recreation fees managed by the Forest Service and Bureau of Land Management in California. The RRAC is comprised of 11 members as authorized under the Federal Lands Recreation Enhancement Act, which was signed into law on December, 2004. Recommendations from the RRAC are combined with other public notification and communication efforts to help make sound decisions regarding recreation fees.

The purpose of the initial meeting was to orient the RRAC to the Recreation Enhancement Act, define committee roles and responsibilities, and to develop the process for making recommendations concerning recreation fee proposals. The committee quickly organized and started hearing fee proposals on the second day. They made favorable recommendations on four BLM proposals and on 16 Forest Service proposals. The BLM proposals included an increase in fees at Dumont Dunes, a new Special Recreation Permit (SRP) fee at El Mirage, a new SRP fee at Clear Creek, and a new Standard Amenity (day-use) fee at Clear Creek.

The RRAC meetings are open to the public and anyone wishing to address the committee has an opportunity to speak. Also, persons who wish to bring recreation fee matters to the attention of the RRAC may file written statements with the Committee staff before or after the meeting.

The next RRAC meeting is scheduled for January 14 and 15, somewhere around the Ontario area. For more information, visit the website at: http://www.fs.fed.us/r5/passes/rrac/

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Last updated: 11-14-2007