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Point Loma Naval Base joins BLM in coastal protection

On a rocky bluff overlooking the scenic Pacific Ocean near San Diego, BLM State Director Mike Pool joined Navy Rear Admiral Len Hering to sign a joint agreement to strengthen protection of the federally-managed rocks and islands near the Point Loma Naval Base. (Text continues below)
BLM California State Director Mike Pool signs the MOU document
BLM California State Director Mike Pool signs the MOU document, as California Coastal National Monument manager Rick Hanks and Navy Rear Admiral Len Hering look on.
The Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) signed Monday designates the Navy as a "California Coastal National Monument Steward" for the rocks and islands that comprise the monument off San Clemente Island, San Nicolas Island, Begg Rock (near San Nicolas Island), and off the western side of Naval Base Point Loma.
Admiral Hering and State Director Pool, flanked by the American and Navy flags as well as flags from all 50 states, both pledged their agencies' commitment to protecting these unique national resources.
BLM State Director shakes hands with Navy Rear Admiral Len Hering, as looks on
Stating he hoped this agreement would be "the first of many" cooperative efforts between BLM and the Navy, Admiral Hering said he believes the Navy can "protect and preserve [coastal] habitat, and still accomplish our mission."
State Director Pool agreed, noting that this agreement represents the first coastal stewardship partner for the CCNM in Southern California.  He stated the Navy, with its many resources and assets along the Coast, is particularly well-suited to be a steward of this part of the Coast.  "We welcome you aboard and we look forward to many cooperative ventures," Pool said.

Participants pose after the signing

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Last updated: 11-07-2007