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 Desert Advisory Council Tours Mine Reclamation and Proposed Solar Development Sites

The BLM’s’ Desert Advisory Council visited Needles for its fall meeting and toured sites ranging from a new campground to proposed solar projects to now closed gold mines being reclaimed.

The council’s September 28th field tour was followed by its formal meeting at the new Needles Field Office on Highway 95. The next meeting is planned for the end of January in Ridgecrest.

The field tour, hosted by BLM Needles Field Manager Sterling White started at a site overlooking the Castle Mountain Mine operated by Viceroy. The mine is now in the reclamation phase and the tour focused on recontouring and revegetation accomplishments.

Recontouring and vegetation progress at the former Castle Mountain Mine:
revegetation efforts at the former Viceroy Mine

 BLM Needles planning and environmental coordinator George Meckfessel and geologist Ken Downing describe the reclamation process to the DAC:
BLM Needles Assistant Field Manager George Meckfessel and geologist Ken Downing describe the reclamation process to the DAC
From an overlook with an expansive view of Ivanpah Valley, the Council discussed concerns about pending applications from solar energy companies to build renewable energy projects. The proposals are at the beginning stages, with BLM expecting to publish Notices of Intent to prepare the required environmental impact statements.
The BLM's Needles Field Manager Sterling White explains the proposals to the Council.
The BLM's Needles Field Manager Sterling White explains the proposals to the Council.

Finally, the DAC toured BLM’s newest campground in the Desert at Horsethief Springs. An impromptu ribbon cutting was followed by the Council’s tour of the area and discussion regarding livestock grazing in the Desert and cattle reductions due to the current drought.
impromptu ribbon cutting at Horsethief Springs Campground

Discussing issues around a campfire:
Discussing issues around a campfire

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Last updated: 10-05-2007