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Radar, the little pink burro - part 2

We first met "Radar - the little pink burro" at one-day-old, in a News.bytes, issue 291 Extra.  Kathleen Mayberry, of Riverside, adopted Radar's mom Gypsy from a BLM wild horse and burro adoption in Norco.  Though Radar's birth was an unexpected surprise, he is a joy for for Kathleen and her neighbors. ("By the way, he got his name by the way his big ears move around so much, like antennae." we were told.)

At two weeks old in the photos below, Radar enjoys having Kathleen scratch under his chin.  And he is still a source of surprise. "I thought they were slow animals, but Radar is in constant motion running around his paddock like a racehorse," Kathleen says.

With everyone asking, "what is a pink burro?" she discovered that pink burros are considered a light colored sorrel.  Kathleen says, "Radar has lightened up since his birth and when the light hits him, he looks so pink."  Kathleen, who always wanted a burro, hopes to train Radar and his mom, Gypsy, to pull carts.  "For Radar that's a few years out, and for now we'll work on introducing Radar to a halter and lead line," she says.

Radar gets a hug from adopter Kathleen Mayberry, as mom Gypsy looks on...
Radar gets a hug from Kathleen Mayberry

...and then gets a kiss...
...and a kiss

Radar with mom, Gypsy
Radar with mom Gypsy

- Jo Ann Schiffer-Burdett, BLM California Desert District, 7/27/07

BLM California News.bytes, issue 293

Last updated: 08-08-2007