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Carrizo Plain National Monument planning - one piece at a time

Developing a management strategy for the entire 250,000-acre Carrizo Plain National Monument can be a daunting challenge. So land managers are looking at doing it one piece at a time.

At the July 21 meeting of the Carrizo’s Monument Advisory Committee, the three managing partners – the Bureau of Land Management, The Nature Conservancy and the California Department of Fish and Game – discussed a proposal to divide the Carrizo into sub-regions for planning purposes. Under the initial proposal, there would be eight sub-regions:


  • Soda Lake Sink
  • North Carrizo Valley
  • Caliente Foothills
  • Caliente Mountains/Cuyama
  • South Carrizo Valley
  • North Elkhorn
  • Temblors

Members of the public speak at the meeting (text continues below):
Members of the public at the Carrizo meeting

Members of the MAC and public supported the sub-region concept and offered suggestions on how it could be refined. The concept will be discussed in more detail at the MAC meeting scheduled for September 22.
Before then, BLM, in cooperation with the MAC and other managing partners is offering a public tour of the Carrizo on August 11. The tour will leave from the California Valley Community Services District building on Soda Lake Road at 8 a.m. and conclude about 4:00 p.m. Participants will need to provide their own water and transportation. Lunch will be provide by The Friends of the Carrizo Plain at the Washburn Ranch.  The California Valley Community Service District building is located approximately three miles south of Highway 58 adjacent to the California Fire Station 42.

The BLM's Robert Wick and Johna Hurl orgainze ideas on a planning chart:
Organizing ideas on a planning chart

- Dave Christie

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Last updated: 07-31-2007