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BLM hosts 5th annual seminars for Oil and Gas operators

 BLM staff from the Bakersfield Field Office and the State Office hosted 160 representatives from the oil and gas industry at their 5th annual Seminars for Federal Oil and Gas Operators. This year, for the second time, an additional half day seminar was conducted that focused only on field issues. These seminars, held in Taft and Bakersfield, were attended by representatives from major and independent oil and gas companies, industry associations, contractors, and other agencies.

A large group attended this session:
A large troup attended this session
The purpose of these seminars is to educate operators on their responsibilities on federal leases and to provide up-to-date information on new regulations, leasing, permitting, assignments/transfers, bonding, field operations, resource protection, and BLM’s inspection, idle well and royalty rate reduction programs.
There were many positive comments from the participants. “Informative and timely,” said one attendee. “The BLM staff is very knowledgeable” and “presentations were concise and to the point,” said another. 

Taking notes
The Bakersfield Field office offers these seminars every 18 months. The seminars have proven to be a very effective forum for communicating with oil industry customers, clarifying their responsibilities, and answering their questions.
For copies of the handouts, please visit us on the web at BLM's Bakersfield Field Office minerals pages.
Three screens provided visuals for the large room:
Three screens provided visual coverage for the large room
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Last updated: 06-19-2007