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Scouts clean up entrance to Ivanpah Dry Lake

Troop 321 from Las Vegas recently volunteered to help the Needles BLM field office employees spruce up the entrance into Ivanpah Dry Lake. Located on the California/Nevada border in Primm, Nevada, the dry lake is closed to motorized activities and is world-renowned for wind-powered events such as wind sailing and kite buggying. United Business Brokers of Nevada, LLC donated bottled water, sports drinks, hot-dogs and chips for the hungry scouts and staffers.

The Scouts spent the weekend camping on the dry lake having fun with their rockets and a couple of land sailers the leaders brought.

The Needles Field office would like to thank the scouts and the sponsor for their contributions to helping us take care of public lands, during this March 31 event.

Loading bags of trash onto trucks:
Volunteers load bags of trash onto trucks

Scouts take take time out to work on their model rockets on the dry lakebed:
Scouts take take time out to work on their model rockets on the dry lakebed

Getting rehydrated:
Getting rehydrated

Taking time out for a group portrait:
Taking time out for a group portrait

- E. Downing, 5/07

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BLM California News.bytes, issue 283

Last updated: 05-25-2007