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BLM Eagle Lake Field Office takes four-wheel drive safety training

People who drive vehicles in their work for the Bureau of Land Management find themselves in situations ranging from rugged back country trails to multi-lane freeways in urban areas. No matter where they drive, safety should always be their first priority.

Recognizing the importance of driver safety in all situations, the BLM's Eagle Lake Field Office added a four-wheel-drive safety training course to their annual safety week training this year. Thanks to the help of Don Klusman and the California Association of Four Wheel Drive Clubs, the field office obtained help from two experienced four wheelers who presented a class to help BLM natural resource specialists brush up on their back country driving skills and to learn new ones. Dennis Bartholomew and Dave Anderson from the Capital City Mountain Goat 4-Wheel Drive Club, Inc. provided the training.

Below, a line of BLM four wheel drive pickup trucks and sport utility vehicles winds its way across a popular four wheel drive area near Susanville. In the second photo an instructor guides a driver over an obstacle.

A line of 4-wheel drive pickup trucks and SUVs winds its way across a popular 4-wheeling area near SusanvilleA line of BLM 4-wheel-drive pickup trucks and sport utility vehicles winds its way across a popular four-wheeling area near Susanville
an instructor guides a driver over an obstacle

"No matter how much driving experience we have, whether in urban areas or the back country, periodic safety refreshers are always beneficial," said Eagle Lake Field Office Manager Dayne Barron.

The four wheel drive class was part of the field office's annual "Safety Week" that concentrates a variety of safety training programs into the space of a week. While the offerings differ from year to year, they include courses in defensive driving, first aid and CPR, self defense, hazardous material recognition, all-terrain vehicle driving, blood borne pathogen awareness and fire extinguisher use.

- J. Fontana, 5/07

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Last updated: 05-30-2007