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Guide to Maps and Records

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Printed Maps

Interactive Maps & Records

 Hunting/Target Shooting  Recreation Maps (National Conservation Lands) 
 Recreation  Geocommunicator
 Land Ownership Maps  General Land Office Records
 USGS Topo Maps GIS Map Data
   USGS National Map
   Master Title Plats
   Land and Mineral Records


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Printed Maps

Land Ownership Maps (Surface Management Maps)
Printed 1:100,000 scale (about 1/2 inch = 1 mile) maps can be ordered from the BLM Sacramento Office for $4.00 each.  This series of maps distinguishes land administration by color and includes public and private lands, roads, water features, township and range, and more. These maps are helpful to hunters, target shooters, recreationists, and individuals seeking to file mining claims or conduct business on public lands.  Place your order over the phone by calling (916) 978-4400. 

Topo Maps
Printed 1:24,000 scale (7 1/2 minute) topo maps can be ordered from the BLM Sacramento Office for $7.00 each.  Land forms and elevations are portrayed by countour lines, roads, towns, and water.  These maps do not display land ownership. Topo maps can also be viewed and downloaded from the USGS Maps for America website.

Interactive Maps

National Conservation Lands Recreation Maps
As part of the 15th anniversary celebration of BLM's National Conservation Lands, the agency developed online recreational guides that make it easy for you to connect to these lands. These areas are part of an active, vibrant landscape where people live, work, and play. The  maps provide interactive navigability for BLM recreation sites and trails, along with photos and site-specific information.

Geocommunicator is the Bureau of Land Management's dynamic, interactive web map viewer. Search, access, and build dynamic maps of BLM activities such as oil and gas lease sale parcels, federal lands, national monuments, range allotments and pastures, wild horse and burro herd areas, solar energy study areas, and more. Provides topo map and aerial photo backgrounds. Geocommunicator also provides tools to convert latitude and longitude locations to a land descriptions and vice versa.  Go directly to the viewer.

USGS National Map
The U. S. Geological Survey's National Map web map viewer, unlike Geocommunicator does not provide BLM specific data sets. Data available for viewing or download includes elevation, orthoimagery, geographic names, transportation, land cover and top maps.

Historic Maps
Historic Maps can be downloaded from either of two US Geological Survey websites; Topoview or the US Topo and Historic Topographic Map Collection website. Historical nautical maps and charts can be downloaded from the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration Office of Coast Survey website. 

Records and Plats

Land and Mineral Records
The Bureau of Land Management's LR2000 records system is an interactive site which accesses land and mineral use authorizations for oil, gas, and geothermal leasing, rights-of-ways, coal and other mineral development, land and mineral title, mining claims, withdrawals, classifications, and more on BLM administered lands.

BLM/General Land Office Records
This website accesses Federal land title records issued between 1820 and the present. Other information available includes land patent documents, survey plats, master title plats, and more.

Survey records
Survey Plats are available from the BLM/GLO Records website. Survey Records may
also obtained from the BLM Sacramento State Office. For more information continue to the Geographic Services and Cadastral Survey page.

Master Title Plats & Historic Indexes
The Master Title Plat (MTP) is BLM's official land status record. Each MTP covers one township. Other plats included in the MTP plat group include oil & gas and leasable minerals plats, they depict the current lease status of one township. The Historic Index (HI) is a chronological summarized list of use and title transactions affecting one township. Other types of Historic Index documents include Mineral Location Contests and Acquired Lands.

To access MTPs and HIs select the Land Status Records (LSR) tab on the BLM/General Land Office Records site.  After providing the legal land description - meridian, township, range - from the Document Type pull-down menu select MTP, HI or other document type. Master Title Plats can be difficult to understand, for assistance go to our abbreviations, symbols and notations page or phone (916) 978-4400 for detailed explanations.