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Common Abbreviations, Plat Symbols and Notations

 Abbreviations Descriptions


 1/2 Half
 # Number

 A-(number) Arizona Serial Number
 A Acre, Acre(S)
 ACECArea of Critical Environmental Concern
 Act of Cong. Act of Congress
 Acq Acquired
 ADHE Adjusted homestead entry
 Adm S Administrative Site
 AdmtAmendment, Amended, Amends
 AEC Atomic Energy Commission
 AF Air Force
 Agri Agriculture, Agricultural
 Agri Exp Sta Agriculture Experiment Station
 AHE Additional homestead entry
 All Min All Minerals
 Allot Allotment
 ANS Air Navigation Site
 Apln Application
 Apln Ext Application for Extension
 APN Assessor Part Number
 App Appendix
 Approp Appropriation, Appropriate, Appropriated
 Appvd Approved
 AR-(number) Arizona Serial Number
 Ariz Arizona
 Arpt Airport
 Asgn Assignment
 Asph Asphalt
 ASHE Additional stockraising homestead entry
 Auth Authorization
 Av Lse Aviation Lease


 Bdy; Bdrs Boundary, Boundaries
 BIA Bureau of Indian Affairs
 Bk Book
 Blk Block
 BLM Bureau of Land Management
 BLM O Bureau of Land Management Order
 BM Bench Mark
 Br Branch
 BR Bureau of Reclamation
 BSF&W Bureau of Sports, Fisheries & Wildlife


 C of E Corps of Engineers
 CC&R Covenants, Conditions & Restrictions
 CA Communitization Agreement
 CACA (number) California Serial Number
  Cad Cadastral
 Calif California
 Canc Cancellation, Cancelled
 Cpg Campground
 CDI Control Document Index
 CE Cash Entry
 Cert Certificate
 CFR Code of Federal Regulations 
 Ch, Chs Chain, Chains
 CHE Commuted homestead entry
 Circ Circular
 Cl Classification
 Co Company
 Colo Colorado
 Comm P Community Pit
 Comm S Communication Site
 Condemn Condemnation
 Cons Esmt Conservation Easement
 Corp Corporation
 Cov Covenant
 C/T Color of Title
 Cur Pat Curative Patent


 D Director
 D/C Ditches and/or Canal
 Ded Dedication
 Def Deficiency
 Dept Department
 Dept of Agri Department of Agriculture
 Dept of Int Department of the Interior
 Des Designated or Designation
 Det Determination
 Dist District
 Div Division
 DLE Desert Land Entry
 DM District Manager
 Doc Document
 DS Direct Sale


 E East
 Eff Effective
 EHE Enlarged homestead entry
 Elim Elimination
 Eng Engineering
 Enlgmt Enlargement
 EO Executive Order
 X Exchange
 ES Exchange Survey
 Esmt Easement
 Excl Excluding, excluded
 Exp Expire(d)
 Ext Extended, extension, extend


 FAA Federal Aviation Admin.
 FWS Fish & Wildlife Service
 FC Final Certificate
 Fed Federal
 FFMC Federal Farm Mortgage Corporation
 FHA Farmers Home Admin.
 FHWA Federal Highway Admin.
 Fis Fissionable materials
 FLS Forest lieu selection
 FLUP Free Land Use Permit
 Fm U or FMU Farm unit
 FPA Federal Power Act
 FPC Federal Power Commission
 FPC 0 Federal Power Commission Order
 FR Federal Register
 Frac Fractional
 FS Forest Service
 FS ST Forest Service Small Tract
 FUP Free Use Permit
 FX Forest exchange
 FX ST Forest Exchange Small Tract


 Gd Gold
 Geo Geothermal
 Geol Str Geologic Structure
 GLO/O General Land Office Order
 Geo Plat Geothermal Resource Plat
 GSR Mer Gila & Salt River Meridian


 Hdq S Headquarters Site
 HDS Homestead delaratory statement
 HE Homestead Entry
 HES Homestead entry survey
 HI Historical Index
 Hum Mer or HBM Humboldt Meridian
 Hwy Highway
 1/2 Half


 IA Indian Allotment
 ID Interior Decisions
 Iden Identify, Identification
 IL Indemnity list-State Land
 Illus Illustration
 Inc Including, Inclusive
 Ind Fee Indian Fee
 Ind Tr Pat Indian trust patent
 Ind Res Indian Reservation
 Ind Tr Indian Trust
 Int Interior
 Intpr Interpretation
 IS Indemnity Selection
 IT Isolated Tract


 Juris Jurisdiction


 KCLA Known Coal Leasing Area
 KGRA Known Geothermal Resource Area
 KGS Known Geologic Structure


 Lat Latitude
 LD Interior Land Decision
 Lic License
 Loc Location
 Long Longitude
 LS Lieu Selection
 Lsbl Leaseable
 Lse Lease
 Ltr Letter
 LU Land Utiization


 Mat S Material Use
 M&B Metes and Bounds
 MCOA or MOA Mining Claim Occupancy Act
 MD Mer or MDM Mount Diablo Meridian
 ME Mineral Entry
 Mer Meridian
 Mgmt Management
 Mil Pur Military Purpose
 Mil Res Military Reservation
 Mill S Mill site
 Min Mineral
 Min Cert or MC Mineral Certificate
 Misc Miscellaneous
 Miss Doc Missing Document
 ML Mineral location
 MLCI Mineral Location & Contest Index
 MM Mineral Monument
 Mod Modification
 Mon Monument
 MS Mineral Survey
 Mtn Mountain
 MTP Master Title Plat
 Mult Use Multiple Use 
 Abbreviations Descriptions

 N North
 N Mon National Monument
 N Prs National Preserve
 Nav Mer Navajo Meridian
 nc noncompetitive
 NE Northeast
 NF National Forest
 NOE Not Open to Entry (Surface, Mining & Mineral Leasing)
 NOITL Notice of Intent to Locate
 NOL Not Open to Lease
 NOM Not Open to Mining
 NORA Notice of Realty Action
 NOS Not Open to Surface
 NP National Park
 NPS National Park Service
 NRL National Resource Lands
 NST National Scenic Trail
 NEV Nevada
 NW Northwest
 NWR National Wildlife Refuge


 O Order
 OE Open to Entry
 OG Oil and Gas
 Oper Operation
 OR Oregon


 Par Parcel
 Part Partially
 Pat Patent
 PD Public Domain
 Per Permit
 Pet Res Petroleum reserve
 Pho Phosphate
 PHX-(number) Phoenix Serial Number
 PL Public Law
 PLC Private Land Claim
 PLO Public Land Order
 PLS Public Land Sale
 Pot Potassium
 Pr Per Prospecting Permit
 Pre Preemption
 Prelim Preliminary
 Proc Proclamation
 Proj Project
 Prop Propose, Proposed
 Prot Wdl Protective Withdrawal
 PS Public Sale
 PU Public Use
 Pur Purchase
 PW Res Public Water Reserve
 Pwr Proj Power Project
 Pw S & Pwr S Power Site
 PX Private Exchange


 QCD or QD Quitclaim deed
 Qs Quicksilver


 R Range
 R&PP Recreation & Public Purpose
 RB River Basin
 Rcpl Reciprocal
 Rd Road
 Re Reference
 Re-cl Reclassified
 Rec Lse Recreation lease
 Recl Wdl Reclamation withdrawal
 Recon Reconveyed
 Reg Regional
 Rej Rejected & rejection
 Rel Relinquished or Relinquishment
 Rem Remainder
 Res Reservation or reserve
 Resc Rescind, Rescinded
 Rest Restoration or Restor
 Resvr Reservoir
 Rev Revocation or Revoked
 Rfg Refuge
 Rgr Sta Ranger Station
 RHEReclamation homestead entry
 RI Range Improvement
 RIP Records Improvement Project
 Rmks Remarks
 RR Railroad
 RRG Railroad Grant
 RRIS Railroad indemnity selection
 RRLS Railroad lieu selection
 RS Revised Statutes
 Rstd Restricted
 Rvst Revested
 R/W Right-of-way
 Ry Railway


 S South
 SAHSoldier's additional homestead
 SB Mer or SBM San Bernardino Meridian
 Scn Scenic
 SD State Directors
 SDO State Director's Order
 SDS Soldier's Declaratory Statement
 SDW Stock Driveway
 SDW Wdl Stock Driveway Withdrawal
 SE Southeast
 Sec Section
 Sec of Agri Secretary of Agriculture
 Sec of the Int Secretary of the Interior
 Segr Segregation
 Sel Selection or Selected
 SG State Grant
 SHC Small holding claim
 Si Silver
 Sim Simultaneous
 SLUP Special Land Use Permit
 SO Secretarial Order
 Sod Sodium
 Spec Per Special Permit
 SR Serial Registar
 SRHEStockraising homestead entry
 SS State Selection
 ST Small Tract
 Stat Statutes at Large
 St Cl Small Tract Classification
 St Lse Small Tract Lease
 Sta Station
 STS Small Tract Sale
 Subdiv Und Subdivisions Undefined
 Subj Subject
 Sul Sulphur
 Suppl Supplemental
 Sur Survey or Surveyed
 Sus Suspended
 SW Southwest
 SX State Exchange


 T or Tp Township (Tps-Townships)
 TC Timber Culture
 Tel Telephone
 Teleg or Tel Telegraph
 Temp Temporary
 Term Terminate, Termination
 Thru Through
 Tns Townsite
 Tr Tract
 Trans Transmission
 Trf Transfer
 Trf Juris Transfer of Jurisdiction
 Trfd Transferred
 Tri Sta Triangulation Station
 Trsp Trespass
 T/S Timber and Stone


 UA Unit Agreement
 Unapprop Unappropriated
 Undet Undetermined
 UNDGD Underground
 USS United States Survey
 Unsur Unsurveyed
 Ur Uranium
 US United States
 USAF United States Air Force
 USC United Statess Code
 USFS United States Forest Service
 USGS United States Geological Survey


 W West
 WAA War Assets Administration
 War Dept War Department
 W/Chg With Change(s)
 WD Warranty Deed
 Wdl Withdrawal
 Wdn Withdrawn
 W/O Without
 WP Water Power
 WP Des Water Power Designation
 WR Water Rights
 WS Watershed
 Wt Warrant


 X Exchange

Symbols to Master Title Plat:

Withdrawals  (image/gif, 100x18 px)
Patent  (image/gif, 99x18 px)
Leases  (image/gif, 100x18 px)
PL 167 Determination Area  (image/gif, 100x48 px)
Limits of surveyed lands (hatching on unsurveyed side)  (image/gif, 104x62 px)
Railroad  (image/gif, 99x18 px)
Telephone Line  (image/gif, 100x18 px)
Power transmission line  (image/gif, 100x18 px)
Hwys:  Hard Surface, Graveled, Improved dirt  (image/gif, 100x18 px)
Trail  (image/gif, 99x18 px)
Fence  (image/gif, 100x18 px)
Acq. land 
Bridge  (image/gif, 100x34 px)
Country Road  (image/gif, 100x33 px)
Established Livestock Route Access Control  (image/gif, 99x40 px)
Mine Prospect  (image/gif, 100x36 px)
Corridor (R/W's)  (image/gif, 100x34 px)

 (image/gif, 100x27 px)
(Towns & Cities)
 (image/gif, 100x35 px)Land Treatment Area (reseeding, brush eradication, contour trenching, diking, ripping, fire burn, etc.) (image/gif, 100x79 px)
Cemetery (image/gif, 100x45 px)Water pumping plant (image/gif, 100x35 px)
Historic Ruins (image/gif, 100x26 px)Telegraph line (image/gif, 100x30 px)
 River & Island (image/gif, 100x41 px)School (image/gif, 100x33 px)
 StreamMine or Quarry  (image/gif, 99x39 px)
Lake & Island (image/gif, 100x37 px)Spring  (image/gif, 100x33 px)
Marsh or Swamp (image/gif, 100x31 px)Water well  (image/gif, 100x33 px)
Spring (Improved) (image/gif, 100x38 px)Water well (with trough)  (image/gif, 100x33 px)
Reservoir (image/gif, 100x30 px)Water well (with trough and storage)  (image/gif, 100x33 px)
Pipe line or Conduit (image/gif, 100x31 px)Storage tank
Rainwater catchment
  (image/gif, 100x33 px)
Canal or Ditch Flume (image/gif, 99x31 px)Stock pond or earthen tank  (image/gif, 100x37 px)
Artisian Well (image/gif, 100x38 px)Dike or Levee  (image/gif, 100x35 px)
Windmill & trough storage (image/gif, 100x37 px)Airplane landing field  (image/gif, 99x44 px)
 Drainage Easement (image/gif, 100x38 px)Gauging Station  (image/gif, 100x35 px)
Cultivated Land (image/gif, 100x30 px)Mine Shaft  (image/gif, 100x35 px)
Cattle Guard (image/gif, 100x33 px)Radio Station
Communication Site
  (image/gif, 100x36 px)
 Corral (image/gif, 100x30 px)County Line 

Definitions to Master Title Plat Symbols:

SINGLE WEIGHT PATENT LINELine is heavy on the side of the property line that is patented.  This same line type is used to depict Public Sales, State Grants, Warranty Deeds, Railroad Grants, and Allotments.  (See Notations on the plats for specific use.) 
DOUBLE WEIGHT PATENT LINELine is heavy on both sides of the property line, indicating a patent on both sides of the line. 
SECTION LINE & SURVEY LINEUsed on the all lines of the township that are surveyed.  This same line type is used to depict tract lines, mineral surveys, homestead surveys, and acquired lands. 
LOT TICSLot tics appear in different position as shown depending on the configuration of the surveyed lots. 
WITHDRAWAL, CLASSIFICATION, RESERVES, INTERNATIONAL BOUNDARIES, RECREATION AND PUBLIC PURPOSE (R&PP)Lline is used to depict land uses mentioned and is offset to the inside on the land boundary of the parcel they identify. 
LEASE LINE, USE PERMIT AND AVIATION SITELine is used to depict land uses mentioned and is offset to the inside of the land boundary of the parcel they identify. 
DESIGNATION AREALine is used to depict a Designation Area and is offset to the inside of the land boundary of the parcel it identifies. 
STATE BOUNDARY LINELine is used to depict the State Boundary 
FIELD OFFICE BOUNDARY, O&C BOUNDARY, CWR BOUNDARYUsed to depict the boundary line of the aforementioned boundary lines. 
PIPELINE OR CONDUITSymbol depicts any underground pipeline the size and type will be noted. 
UNIMPROVED ROADRoad width will be noted, symbol is drawn at 50 ft. width. 
IMPROVED ROADImproved Road will be noted symbol is drawn at 50 ft. width. 
TRAIL OR FIREBREAKSymbol will be used for both designations, but correct designation will be noted. 
CORRIDOR (R/W'S)Symbol depicts a corridor for multiple use R/W's. 
RAILROAD OR TRAMWAYSymbol depicts a railroad R/W.  The width and number of tracks will be noted. 
POWER TRANSMISSION LINESymbol depicts a power line.  The R/W width and Line Voltage will be noted. 
TELEPHONE LINESymbol depicts a telephone line.  R/W width and number of lines will be noted. 
TELEPHONE & TELEGRAPHSymbol depicts a telephone and telegraph line.  R/W width and number of line will be noted. 
TELEGRAPH LINESymbol depicts a telegraph line.  R/W width and number of line will be noted.  
DITCH, CANAL, FLUME, OR AQUEDUCTSymbol depicts a ditch, canal, flume or aqueduct.  The arrows indicate the direction of the flow. 
UNSURVEYED LINESymbol depicts an area that is unsurveyed.  The slanted lines are inside the unsurveyed area.