Master Title Plat Frequently Asked Questions

What automated records can I find on this site?

You can find Master Title Plats (MTPs), Oil and Gas Plats, Leasable Resources Plat, and Historical Index (HI) pages including index pages to acquired lands and Mineral Locations and Contests. These are the documents that used to be microfilmed and then made available for review in our Information Access Centers throughout the state.

Where can I find Cadastral Survey plats and Field Notes?

Cadastral Survey plats, Mineral Surveys or Field Notes are not yet available online; however, we are working on getting them online, and in the mean time, can be obtained from the California State Office Information Access Center, (916) 978-4330.

What type of image are these files?

All the images have been scanned and archived as a Tagged Image File Format (tiff or tif). The tif format has been determined to be a high quality image format and was selected by the National Archive as the most widely accepted and preferred image format for scanning and archiving.

What information do I need to find the image I'm looking for?

Over 30,000 MTP and HI pages have been scanned and are searchable by meridian, township, and range (MTR).  MTR can be found on BLM's Surface Management maps, USGS's topographic maps, and many county parcel maps.  You'll find MTR on-line at if you choose the Public Land Survey System (PLSS) option.  This site lets you search for land using road map, topographic, or aerial photography layers.  If you are uncertain what MTR you need, you may contact the California State Office at (916) 978-4400 for assistance.